Cooper Baker · Resume
Cooper   Baker · 6677 Comstock Court · San Diego, CA 92111 · (661) 478-4068 ·
2008 · Present PhD, University of California San Diego, Computer Music
2004 · 2006 MFA, California Institute of the Arts, Composition
2002 · 2004 BFA, California Institute of the Arts, Music Technology
1998 · 2000 University of Oregon, Music Technology
1996 · 1998 DePauw University, Violin Performance
2008 · Present Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Support course offerings, evaluate classwork, grade exams, provide substitute lectures, hold office hours. Create custom software for music research. Engineer recording sessions for students and faculty, mix live sound for concerts.
2007 · 2007 Creative Technical Consultant
Create 72-channel TTL to USB interface and controller software which uses MIDI files. Create 36-channel transistor switching circuit boards. Generate statistics scraped from RS232 911 call-center data and drive stepper-light-wheels. Advise about stepper motor controllers. Program and Debug Max/MSP/Jitter files relating to human-computer-interaction (HCI).
2006 · 2007 Music Technology Program Coordinator, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Teach classes on topics including digtal signal processing, computer programming, audio engineering, and improvisation. Provide private composition and computer media/programming lessons. Mentor students and document degree progress. Respond to potential students' inquiries and evaluate admissions materials.
2005 · 2006 Graduate Assistant, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Provide Lectures on topics including digital signal processing algorithms, recording, mixing, and editing techniques, advanced Max/MSP topics, and the FFT. Tutor students in a one on one setting. Maintiain composition studio by installing and updating software, hardware, and wiring configurations.
2005 · 2006 Studio Maintenence, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Maintain and reconfigure film-school sound studios. Rewire several editing and recording rooms. Design and construct racks, shelves, carts and various other improvements to the spaces. Build specialized cables and add/reroute patchbay wiring.
2003 · 2006 Sound Transfer Artist, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Transfer audio for film between any professional format including Nagra, Mag, DAT, DTRS, MD, CD, DV, BETA, VHS, 3/4, and several audio file formats. Provide telecine services. Ensure sync and timecode are maintained between transfers and provide pull-down/up operations when necessary. Engineer ADR, voice over, foley, and mix sessions for student and alumni films. Assist students with questions regarding sound transfer and its relevance to their projects.
2004 Consultant, Audio Impressions Inc., Hidden Hills, CA
Assist creation of world class 24bit/192kHz orchestral sample library, trim and loop samples, create test patches in soft-samplers, organize samples into a hierarchical database, provide advice about trade-secret spatialization and voice allocation algorithms.
2003 · 2004 Pro Tools Teaching Assistant, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Assist professor during lectures, provide instruction and demonstrations of the theory and science of sound and sound editing. Tutor students in a one on one setting.
2003 Lighting Designer and Stage Manager, The Troubadour, Santa Monica, CA
Create lighting design in response to live music using intelligent fixtures. Create custom cues for each band to accentuate performances. Set-up microphones, run cable, and maintain the stage during performances. Assist performer's on-stage needs and ensure smooth stage changes between bands.
2001 · 2002 Instrument Sales and Purchasing, Buy & Sell Music Center, Eugene, OR
Assist customers with specialized knowledge in areas such as music technology, guitars, basses, viols, drums, amplification, woodwinds, brass, and photography. Appraise, purchase, and sell musical instruments and cameras. Demonstrate functionality of items for sale.
1998 · 2001 Technician, Dept. of Technical Services, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Set up and operate audio and video equipment for events ranging from rock concerts to board meetings. Mix Front-of-House audio for music and theatre. Manage stage during productions. Operate and maintain theatrical lighting. Maintain direct effective communication with clients
Prior · 1998 Music and Audio Consultant
Create original music for film and dance. Provide post-production services including sound design, adr, foley, mixing and mastering. Author CDs and DVDs. Create custom audio software. Act as creative extension of clients' ideas.
Sound Multitrack Recording, Editing/Mixing/Mastering, Studio/F.O.H Mixing, Sound Design, Foley, ADR, Inter-Format Transfer, Timecode
Music Composition, Sound Design, Film Scoring, Electroacoustic Performance, Free Improvisation, Computer Music
Software Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Finale, Soundforge, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, OS X/Unix/Linux, Xcode
Languages C/C++, Max/MSP/Jitter, PD/GEM, PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS, Assembly
Administration UNIX/Linux, Apache, SMB/AFP, PHP, FTP, SSH, Firewalls, Security Policies, Etc.
Electronics Circuit Design/Prototyping, Computer Assisted Design, Fabrication, Repair, Studio Wiring
Creative Music Production, Film Sound Post Production, Custom Audio/Video Software, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Imaging, Custom Electronics, Woodworking
F. Richard Moore (858) 534-794 ·
Professor, Department of Music, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA
David Rosenboom (661) 255-1050 ·
Dean, School of Music, CalArts, Valencia, CA
Barry Schrader (661) 255-1050 ·
Professor, School of Music, CalArts, Valencia, CA