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The Pd Spectral Toolkit facilitates frequency domain signal processing with a family of spectral transformation, calculation, and data manipulation objects. These objects implement low-level algorithms that simplify patches by handling the complex math and data manipulation commonly required for musical spectral signal processing.

The Pd Spectral Toolkit was created by Cooper Baker in 2013, supported by a grant from the University of California San Diego, under the supervision of Tom Erbe. In 2019 the project was updated as a cross-platform library, and added to Pd's Deken system. Special thanks to Miller Puckette for invaluable insight regarding spectral math and the Pd api.

This work was published in the 2013 proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference:

Baker, C., Erbe, T. "Pd Spectral Toolkit", Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Pp. 410-413, Perth, Australia, 2013.

· Copy the Pd Spectral Toolkit folder into your Pd installation (i.e. /Library/Pd/Pd Spectral Toolkit in Mac OS)
· Edit Pd startup settings to load pd_spectral_toolkit
· Restart Pd

· Source Code Browser
· GitHub Repository
· ICMC Paper.pdf
· Poster.pdf

Object Categories

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