Giant Spectrum is an interactive audio-visual wall piece that displays a live, moving spectral representation of the sounds it hears. Much like light, sound is comprised of many different frequencies, and different sounds contain changing frequencies with varying amplitudes. As sounds occur, the piece shows these changing parts in real time as a moving spectral display. Any sound present in the room appears on the display.

The piece is made of aluminum, polycarbonate, and custom electronics. It was constructed over a four month period from December 2015 to March 2016.

Giant Spectrum was exhibited in "Sweet Gongs Vibrating" at the San Diego Art Institute, and in the WaveCave gallery at California Institute of the Arts during 2016.

San Diego City Beat had this to say in an article featuring Giant Spectrum:

The standout of the show, however, has to be Cooper Baker's "Giant Spectrum," a nearly four-foot aluminum and plastic light sculpture that responds to the noise of the room. Stand next to it silently and it will pick up the viewer's slightest movements. Make a bunch of noise and the plastic, vacuformed lights start to sporadically flash. (... full text)

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