SDAI Winter Exhibition 2014 Wick Alexander: Big Red Bulb

SDAI Winter Exhibition 2014

The San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) is pleased to present its winter group exhibition opening in Balboa Park on Friday,December 19 from 6pm-8pm. This exhibition will include solo shows by local artists Andrea Chung (SDAI’s current Artist-in-Residence), Elena Lomakin and Joyce Corum, as well as a group exhibition featuring San Diego artists such as Wick Alexander, Arzu Ozkal,  Paul Turounet, Jaclyn Rose, Cooper Baker, Christopher Puzio, and Jessica McCambly. Additionally, Tijuana-based street artist PANCA will debut her large-scale mural in the entryway of SDAI, leading into the exhibition space. This mural will be on display through March 30, 2015.

Concurrent with the opening of these shows is an exhibition of youth art from Montgomery Middle School, as well as QR Code art by students from High Tech High Media Arts. Finally, a small survey of local artists creating non-traditional portraits will also be on display in the exhibition space including work by Anna Zappoli, Roberta Dyer, Anne Pelej, and Judy Pike.


The work was selected by Natalia Mount, a San Francisco-based curator interested in ideas surrounding simulation, media saturation, commoditization (specifically in Eastern Europe), and the development of universal social media identities. Mount will lead a professional development workshop the day after the opening on “Marketing Your Art” from 12pm-2pm in SDAI’s exhibition space, open to both members and non-members.


The Map Outside is no Longer the Map Inside

Wick Alexander

acrylic on canvas

90" x 150"


Executive Director

Email director@sandiego-art.orgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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